As a fine art wedding photographer, we give more importance to your emotions, or the moments happening right in front of our eyes. We are not a fan of weird/ forced poses. Hence you will see us walking through the crowd, working with you to create a moment, evoke fun and laughter, and to capture it to its fullest. This is a day of your life. An important day. So, when we are in between a picture where you are sharing a moment, we don't cut you off- We are here to documents such moments of truth. After all, 10 years down the road, these are moments that you'll hang onto. We want you to feel real, true and unarmored in our photographs!


Everyone have their own vision about their Big Day. We are interested in knowing how you see your day unfolds. This helps us to document it to its fullest. The most incredible pictures are always completely natural. There will be lots of fun, some tight hugs and many more tears. We are there for you to get the amazing photos that you will treasure lifelong. Out of experience documenting weddings, we believe TWO things are necessary- getting to know our clients and accordingly equipping ourselves to intentionally plan the documentation of their wedding day!


Time spend on your wedding are very curated. Perfect moments just don't happen when you are in a rush to wind up your day's documentation. The smiles, a tear that rolls down your moms eyes, those dad jokes from your Best Man, grooving unto the music at your reception by your cousin whom you NEVER thought will ever dance, are all what memories are made of. We are perfectionists here. we want you to remember all this when you think of your wedding day. To rush it into just a 4 hour documentation is TO WIND UP your entire day.


Time management and good organizing are the key to a perfect wedding. We have created a wedding planning checklist to help our clients plan their wedding. We also recommend our clients to make an online/ google doc, and share it with all your vendors. This document that mentions the event and the time will be helpful for organizing and time management. We can't stress enough for the need of breaks. Your wedding day is a full-day event, and you need those breaks to recharge. This is to make sure you are not tired, or thirsty, or have the urge to use the washroom. Similarly, we know that our couples love some locations and they really wedding day photographs at those locations. We can always make things work and make it easy for your family and guests when we plan your day in details. Your wedding day will closely look like the hours you have planned, with some time for some unexpected delays, and travel times. we will also help you with modifying your itinerary


Our clients know how much we love adventure. We are known to always carry a bluetooth speaker where you are welcome to share your playlist. We highly recommend photographing early in the morning, just before sunrise when its the blue hour, or the time just before and after sunset with golden glow to the subjects. This soft lighting is not harsh, but warm, just perfect and flattering.

Outdoors are more personalized sessions. We take the time, and efforts to make sure you get the photographs that you are dreaming of. When we get to know our clients, these outdoor sessions become more fun, and relaxed. We work along with you to curate real emotions, leads you on a trail, and make sure that our photographs talk about you. It's amazing how nature helps you get tuned up. Come, let's create some magic together!

It is an honour when someone resonates with our work enough to trust us with documenting their story. This is why we absolutely love what we do and why we're passionate about delivering the absolute best content we can.
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