Stella + KenEngagement
June 14, 2022
YiEditorialFine Art Studio
April 12, 2022
Engagement Session


Locarno Beach, BC, Canada

In BC, we live where we are very fortunate to have many beaches, mountains and what not! This is a very scenic and attractive location, that is not overly crowded. When choosing locations for couples, this is one thing I keep in mind. Not everyone loves to be photographed around a large crowd. The couple had a very personal bonding to this place. While photographing them, I could feel their love and the bind they shared with the location. They were very joyful and I'm glad they took me to a spot which was till then their favourite. As a wedding photographer, I am lucky that my clients trust me enough to share their secret hideaway spots with them. This was an early evening session with so much fun. If you don't mind some sand on your feet and some wind in your hair, then the chances are that we will be able to work wonders!

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