We named our packages section as ‘investment’ because we know that you are investing in your memories. The time and research you have done to own that beautiful wedding dress, the little details of your bridesmaids gift on your Big Day, the moment when you wear the jewelry that was passed on to you from your grandmother, your first look before the ceremony, your groomsmen with limitless dad joke to boost the spirit ... these are moments that you definitely don’t want to miss. We have put together our pricing according to our most requested client needs. If none of them works for you, go ahead and make your own!


Don’t miss the chance to celebrate your day. With Covid and the restrictions, you can’t have everyone you had planned at your wedding. That now means you can have a very special wedding anywhere you want. Yes, in the mountains or in your backyard with the comfort of your home. Don’t know how to start? Get in touch to know more about how we do micro wedding photography.


- Engagement photography
- Elopement photography
- Pre-wedding Session
- Polaroid Photos
- Additional Hours


Appreciating nature’s beauty, we believe dresses are meant to get dirty, shoes to be wet, and hair to be blown by the wind. If you have a destination in mind, it is all that matters. It’s always exciting for wedding documenters to travel to new locations. It challenges creativity and introduces us to new perspectives, and compositions.

Our love for creating the best content in Photography and Films combined with our passion for traveling makes us perfect for your destination wedding. We take time to customize and make each session creative, adding a personal touch to it. Wherever in the world, your wedding is, you can count on us. A wedding is the beginning of a legacy and we are excited to be a part of yours!


We’d love to hear from you. Let’s discuss your plans and thoughts about your day and how we can be a part of it over a coffee!

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