We want YOU to look and feel REAL!

Our work tends to be focussed on gorgeous light, and true emotions. No fake laughs or weird poses. We're here to make lasting photographs that tell your story.

When you invest in our wedding photography, you are not only investing in an experienced team with a great eye, But in the kind of creative direction and composition of art, making your wedding photographs unique and captivating.


Pineforest Weddings Inc.

Vancouver's Best Fine Art Wedding Photographers

We are Vancouver based fine art photographers, passionate about creating art in the projects we undertake. Our photography style is derived from our experience in spending hours spend by planning and creating fine art photography. We bring this same dedication to documenting weddings. We are all about building real relationships with you so we can create intentional, meaningful content that reflects your unique style and personality.

We take our job real serious that we incorporated the company and now is known as a brand. We are observers. We believe that a photograph holds and preserves a moment. We want our clients to be comfortable in front of the camera. we are not into awkward posing or forced smiles because, let's be honest, nobody lives life that way. We don’t make our clients pose. Rather, we create a space for them to show their true self and this happens only with a lot of understanding and knowing our clients. More than anything, the ability to predict a moment before it happens and wait for it to naturally evolve has taken us a long way.

Pineforest Studios

We ave very passionate in creating fine art photography. This led us to opening a fine art studio in New Westminsinster, with over 1400 square feet of photography space to follow what we believe in. Our studio is fully equipped for indoor pre-wedding/ engagement sessions. Here, we create photographs that reflect you, using our hand painted backdrops and photography sets that is organized just for you. Our clients may also choose from our collection of designer gowns for their session to make sure they dress like a dream.

We always welcome our clients to our studio. This is for you to see our work, and of course to take about your vision for your wedding day. It matters so much for us to know how you want your day documented, and we also get to know more about you. We made this page to get a glimpse on things we are passionate about and would like to know if we are a fit for each other.


Fine Art Studio

We own a luxurious fine art studio in New Westminster, dedicated to creating fine art photographs. We also use the space to meet our clients, and this is where we showcase our work. You may also choose gowns from our client closet for your studio session. It is also a space that you may walk into, to talk to a real human than a social media handle. This helps clients to not fall for fraudulence when consulting for weddings.


Our Team

Our team of photographers and editors have the same wavelength and style in visualizing the emotions of client's and capturing images. Plus, you're not just getting a photographer, we're your wedding guide and a team of passionate helpers with personalized timeline recommendations and best location scouters.


Our Products

As a fine art photographers, we love to see our work LARGE! We recommend you print at least one photograph from your day. Apart from the art that we have produced, it is a reminder of the love you share, and the energy that keeps you going. We have canvas, photo frames and albums that you may choose to purchase. O'f course no obligations, and not a sales pitch.


Free Consultation

We can't stress how much we want to get to know you, and your vision about your wedding day. We are here to build real relations with our clients. This helps us be your lens, and not strangers when documenting your day. So, we invite you over coffee to our studio, or over zoom/ FaceTime. We would love to hear your story, the elements that you are including on your wedding day, and what makes us a perfect fit to document your day.

You help support local artists and small bussiness

- We provide 10% off for Canadian Forces.
- You are hiring an artist who have have kept his time to create art out of your photographs.
- Relieves you from the risk of booking a random person who has build his identity over social media account and a telephone number. When it is off, all medium to communication are closed.